In his second year as a photographer, the BBC made a TV programme about him called ‘A Style Of One’s Own’. He then became Artist in Residence at the Glasgow School of Art and in 1990 held a show representing Glasgow as part of its ‘City of Culture’ programme. Soon after came his first Album Cover for a famous band followed by a series of portraits published in American Vogue.

Ian moved to London in 91 and continued his successful career shooting portraits of artists, celebrities and real people.

In the last few years Ian has turned his lens on the natural world, shooting personal projects and trying to capture the feelings he had from an early age when he moved from the big city to the Scottish countryside. “Walking through forests and mists have instilled a sense of apprehension in me. I always felt a strange presence of something or someone and that I’m not alone. By making these images I’m trying to capture and project the essence of these feelings into the images and prints and am fascinated by others reaction to them – do they find them sinister, ethereal, magical or calming?”

Four time nominee and recipient of an Honorable Mention in the world’s most prestigious International Photography Awards.
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