Artists Statement

Ian Phillips-McLaren, Portrait photographer turned fine art photographer creates images that have a quiet edginess, intensity and sense of contemporary classicism, clothed in the painterly feel of pastoralism, inviting the viewer to slow down and take in the view.

Although Ian embraced Digital and indeed some of his techniques incorporate it, he prefers to use film and tactile processes that requires a more disciplined, considered approach. By investing the extra time handcrafting his prints in Albumen, Gum Bichromate and Silver Gelatin, each image grows organically. No two prints that Ian makes will ever be identical, accidents create a new personal aesthetic and are celebrated.

After an early childhood in Glasgow, Phillips-McLaren moved to the Scottish countryside where he spent his teenage years hanging out in forests with friends but never fully feeling at ease in his surrounds which often felt mysterious, foreboding and dark. Now living in the countryside of East England, he often shoots in the forests and mists and his work reflects his earlier life, facing his fears.

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