True Colours – Autumn Leaves

These images are about my personal thoughts on beauty, fragility and the transience of life.
 “Why do leaves change colour in the autumn?” What causes lush green leaves to suddenly change into bright yellow, orange and red leaves?
The Autumn leaf life cycle starts with the end of summer and the shortening of the days. As the days get shorter, the tree doesn’t have enough sunlight to make food for itself. Rather than struggle to make food through the winter, it shuts down. It stops producing chlorophyll and allows its leaves to die. When the tree stops producing chlorophyll, the green colour leaves the foliage and you are left with the “true colour” of the leaves.

Leaves fall – or are pushed – off trees so that the tree can survive the winter and grow new leaves in the spring.

Fallen leaves are recycled. After a leave has reached the ground, it begins to break down (with the help of animals, bacteria, and fungi), creating a layer of decaying organic material at the base of the tree. The leaf matter is converted back into simple carbon dioxide and water.

Here are some finished prints. I will also be making Gum Bichromate prints and some will be printed on Japanese Kozo paper.

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